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The Lift and Tow system installs easily under any 3/4 or 1 ton Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, or GMC. The system is universally adaptable, allowing it to be easily removed and installed on another truck. No under the hood modifications are required. Hydraulics are self contained and require only a 12-volt power supply. 10 ply tires and overload springs are recommended All mounting hardware, hoses, pumps, and tie downs are included.

Every Lift and Tow is made in the USA with only the finest USA quality parts. Call an experienced Lift and Tow account representative to get you started and on your way.

The following general installation instructions are to demonstrate the feasible self install process. All Lifts come with detailed installation instructions. Please ask about our Pro OEM installation service.


The Lift and Tow hidden wheel lift system is as easy to install as a Class 3 hitch. The system can be installed with a 2-man operation in approximately 5-7 hours either using a lift, or on the floor with jack stands.


Simply remove the rear wheels AN BUMPER ONLY, no need to remove the bed. Square the mainframe to the frame, then measure and drill your holes. install using the bolts supplied with the unit. install up-down cylinder on the main frame.


Next, run your hoses to the pump. The pump can be mounted either on the inside or outside of the frame or can be mounted in the tool box. Your Lift and Tow system is now ready for operation!



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